Until right now I still get compliments for my wedding pictures I post in facebook. A tons of it. People always says “All the picture speak to you as you seen it”, “These pictures bring you emotion that you can have on a wedding even you you are not there”
Chris & Putri
This is exactly what I want … The emotions, the style, the beautiful moments captured & Yuki did them all!! Our strong faith in you has definitely paid off well!! Although the cost exceeded our budget, we felt everything was well worth it  Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and giving us such wonderful memories of our wedding
David & Vivian
d’ZIGN for you took sumptuous pictures of our wedding, far beyond everything we could have dreamt of. We are fans of photography and we were very demanding regarding this service provider. We were very lucky to choose d’ZIGN for you and to work with such talented and generous persons as Lydia and Yuki. They instantly found the balance between enthusiast proactivity and discretion. We never had to supervise them during the wedding and the brunch, they were always here, smiling, and capturing posed or spontaneous moments with a breathtaking talent. The play of light, backlights, angles made the photographs always changing, lively, interesting. They are very creative people and sometimes do not hesitate to try artistic or natural effects to capture the emotion of the moment with style. I cannot find the words to convey my gratitude, admiration, and respect for having designed an album that reflects page after page the magical suite of emotions of our wedding day. Their service was spotless: from the first e-mail, to the brainstorming sessions, their behaviour with the guests, the super quick sending of the pictures after the wedding, their hard work realised on the album and the final finish. From both a professional and personal standpoint, I could never praise enough their talent, passion, kindness, smartness and reactivity. A total delight.
“d’ZIGN for you” a realise des photos de mariage absolument somptueuses, bien au-dela de ce que nous n’aurions jamais pu rever. Nous sommes fan de photo et etions tres exigeants sur cette prestation qui nous tenait enormement a coeur. Quelle chance nous avons eu de choisir d’ZIGN for you et de travailler avec des personnes aussi talentueuses et genereuses que Lydia et Yuki. Ils ont tout de suite trouve l’equilibre parfait entre proactivite, entousiaste et discretion. Jamais nous n’avons eu a leur donner d’indications tout au long des deux journees de mariage et brunch, ils etaient la, tout le temps, enorme sourire aux levres, a capturer des instants spontannes ou poses avec un talent epoustoufant. Le jeu de lumieres, contre-jours, angles, fait que la succession de photos parait etonamment vivante, changeante, interessante. Ils sont creatifs et n’hesitent pas a tenter des effets naturels ou artistiques afin de capter l’emotion du moment avec style. Je ne trouve meme pas les mots pour leur dire ma gratitude, mon admiration, ma reconnaissance et mon respect pour avoir realise un album qui retranscrit exactement, page par page, nos emotions et la magie de cette aventure qu’a ete notre mariage. Ce fut un sans faute de leur part: de la prise de contact, aux rendez-vous preliminaires/brainstorming, a leur comportement avec les invites, l’envoi des photos tres rapide apres le mariage, le travail sur le design de l’album et le rendu final. Professionnellement comme personnellement, je ne pourrai jamais louer assez leur talent, passion, gentillesse, intelligence et reactivite. Un bonheur total.

Hi Lydia and David! Thank you so much for helping us capturing and celebrate our big day. Our special day was made even more special by both of you. Thank you for always been so patience with us despite our super tight timing. Thank you for always making us relax in the photo-taking. The few photos which you all post in the facebook really capture both me and my wife’s heart! So looking forward to the product which you will be sending to us =) Do keep us posted! Once again, thanks again and may the good God bless both of you and d’ZIGN for you!

Chris & Jean
We wanted to thank you again “Lydia and d’ZIGN for you’ team” for all the hard work, time, and sincerity you put into our wedding photographs. We ourselves are so pleased with the beauty you created. You certainly gave us something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thanks again Lydia for such an outstanding job
Johnny & Jocelyn
Thanks Lydia! By far the best Photographer! Thanks for all your help, you made our wedding day in Melbourne very enjoyable! Awesome memories. I wanna get married all over again!! LOL
David & Claire

Dear Lydia and team. Thank you for the amazing job compiling the montage of the pre-wedding pictures in Singapore and the unbelievably captivating footage of our wedding day video in Sydney. Your work was astoundingly remarkable and we received countless compliments from our family, relatives and friends that had the opportunity to view both videos. You not only were you able to capture the moment but you also made it seem timeless. We are grateful to have worked with such a professional, artistic and friendly team. We look forwards to working with you again for other future events ☺ and have highly recommended your work to everyone we’ve meant. Once again thank you for the exceptional work and effort put towards making our wedding day a memorable one.

Best Regards and Lots of Love From V & K

d’ZIGN for you’ crew.. me and Jindao finally saw our photos and video in Australia ^^ after getting them from Singapore! Just wanted to say that you guys did an amazing job!! very glad with the results, I would definitely be recommending you to friends getting married =D
Jindao & Hannah
We have viewed the video. Love it !! Thumbs up to d’ZIGN for you & especially Erikson. We are getting our friends & family to view it too. Thanks thanks Great job !!
Woon CK & Marlene

Thank you, Lydia and the team for “freezing” our special day. Now we can revisit 14th May 2011 as and whenever we like through your wonderful video. Your quality of work exceeded our expectation and your professionalism impressed us. We feel so comfortable under your cameras. Thank you. Thank you. From a satisfied clients, Samantha and Benson :)

Hi Lydia and team, Thank you for the video and prewedding photography! We just watched the video and the various footages are lovely. Your eye for detail and hard work truly has captured down memories of a day we will never forget! 

Billy & Gloria
Really, really lovely photos! :) Lydia and Yuki, thanks! You have taken nice shots of us, showing our different sides: fun, romantic, wacky etc..We’ve enjoyed ourselves with you guys so much that we didn’t feel as tired as we should, probably because you guys are so energetic and fun, always on the ball. As always, d’ZIGN for you has delivered and met our expectations. We are happy to have become friends with you guys. And, yes, it seems like we’ve known for years! Absolutely love our chemistry. ;P After so many photoshoots together, feel uncomfortable not doing anymore photoshoots with you guys. Like kinda expecting more to come. hahaha. Hopefully we can do something together in future. ;) Keep on doing what you are doing, you have talent, passion, and commitment. Keep in touch! Cheers! ~ Xiaojia & Roland

Thanks Lydia and your team for all the hard work! It was really great and fun working with you guys and the video turned out really awesome! Everyone was giving positive comments about it. Thanks once again for the great piece of work done :))
Kelvin & Denyse
Thanks for the thought and beautifully filmed video of our story. We are truly impressed and grateful to have you capture these moments that mark the various milestones of our lives.
Benson & Rouyin
Thanks Lydia for being our awesome videographer! When I think back about our wedding one year ago, I thought of u, as u had been with us filming our moments throughout that special day.. God bless you
Joserve & Jeanne

We absolutely loved d’ZIGN for you. We first got to know d’ZIGN for you through our friend’s recommendation. It was really great, from the first time we met to the subsequent meetings we had to discuss our video production. What really impressed us was our video shoot day, it was really a long day and their team never complained a single minute and was always looking for the best shot and the best angle to fit our video. On our wedding day, Lydia the photographer came in early and took a lot of different angle shots. Our friends were really impressed at the service and needless to say, d’ZIGN for you‘s work just blew us away. Many of my friends were asking for d’ZIGN for you‘s contacts after our wedding. We are really glad to have chosen them for our wedding. Thank you d’ZIGN for you.
Jeremy & Jacqueline
d’ZIGN for you is talented, full of creative ideas and absolutely a joy to work with!! They managed to bring to life precious memories of our love story in a mini three-part video series. Everyone loved it!!! This is definitely one of the best investments we made for our wedding… something we can show our children in future and look back with fondness.
Jason & Michelle

I think I opened this website quite a few times already since yesterday night to admire the photos. He hee … We know d’ZIGN for you fromextraordinaryweddings website. We send e-mail on December 2008 to sign up for the videography service, and d’ZIGN for you was very prompt in replying all our e-mails. In the end, later this year we decided to sign up for the photography service as well after we saw all the pictures taken by Lydia are very nice. They are very dedicated in capturing our moments. Even our bridal car driver is very impressed with them going above and beyond to capture the pictures & videos, and ask for d’ZIGN for you contacts for his son’s wedding. I received the DVDs already. They come with very nice packaging. The contents also looks very good. The edited video also exactly what we wants which is the complete wedding mass and whole of our friends performance. It’s more then what we’ve expected. We’re very satisfied. We’ll recommend d’ZIGN for you to all couples to capture their wedding moments. ~ Jeffry & Ivonne

d’ZIGN for you is really committed to bring out the best parts of our love story into a movie. Amazing fliming skills demostrated.
Thank you d’ZIGN for you for making our video montage a wonderful and fun experience.
We can’t wait to see our guests laughing and touched faces on our actual wedding day.
Titus & Grace
d’ZIGN for you!!!! You are the best… we knew we could count on you. Everyone LOVED your work.. IT IS GOOD!!!!! Lots of friends were commending about your work and it is really a great highlight during the banquet…. Thank you so much…
Henglip & Liwen

We decided to engage d’ZIGN for you for our pre-wedding photography after seeing Charles & Allia’s pre-wedding photos. As we believe that d’ZIGN for you able to deliver customised results beyond our imagination, and they really did it! Here are some words that we would like to share and d’ZIGN for you really deserve an appreciation and praise for the work done. Before the photoshooting day, Lydia was never fails to answer all our queries and doubts, she is very patient and detailed in explaining the things needed during the photoshooting day. Thanks Lydia, for making the photoshooting session truly enjoyable and memorable, it was really a wonderful day that we couldn’t forget for our life time. All of us were having fun that day, Lydia is a fun and interesting person to work with, she always come out with unique and creative ideas, and willing to go extra mile whenever we have crazy ideas and needs. Thoughout the photoshooting day, Lydia is still very energetic as we can see that she is very passionate and dedicated to her work. d’ZIGN for you is very effective, the photos turned out nice and amazing. Even though now we have only seen a preview …of the photos, we already decided to engage d’ZIGN for you to shoot for our ROM day, and a love story video too! Lydia is a professional and talented photographer, we trust she can deliver our ideas and desired results. My families and friends have seen few photos, they commented photos are well-taken, and photographer is very skillful. They never saw any pre-wedding photos as special as ours, unlike those boring and standard pre-wedding photos. And they are wondering if we shoot outside Singapore! Looking back now, seriously if we were to choose again, we would still choose d’ZIGN for you with no regrets, and we are so glad that we met d’ZIGN for you and Lydia, she makes us feel that we made an absolutely right decision! Lydia, we really love the photos captured by you, and just so in love with them that we swear we have seen the photos and photo arts for hundred times! We are so pleased and delighted! And we just simply can’t wait to work with d’ZIGN for you again for our ROM day and love story video! And many many more events once in a life time!

Lots and lots of love, Gary & Vicky
Dear d’ZIGN for you, Thanks for your professionalism and yet a personal touch from your wedding photography. d’ZIGNfor you is very kind enough to accommodate to our needs and the work is beyond our expectation and it SPICE UP OUR WEDDING!
Xinwei & Waisum
d’ZIGN for you’s team have really done a very good job and they are always full of idea and energy…. Really worth more then what we have paid for.
Mingquan & Yanling
Thank you, d’ZIGN for you, for such beautiful pictures. You really captured the happy essence of the night.
Mrs Ng

We liked d’ZIGN for you different styles and were impressed with their creative designs. We spent 1.5hrs discussing the kind of style we wanted, and with my concept, the 3 of us managed to brainstorm a perfect idea.
We were glad that d’ZIGN for you fully understood what we desired and was confident that d’ZIGN for you would be able to execute that out. We love the video montage and as well as the video highlight, heard people laughing when we was waiting for for our 2nd march in.d’ZIGN for you have a great team. ~ Gabriel & Pamela

Thanks so much for this heart warming video. My family & friends remark that they loved the MTV!

Ben & Huixian
It was great to have someone so professional and energetic handling our actual wedding day videography. We appreciated very much d’ZIGN for you‘s high service standards and really enjoyed having d’ZIGN for you as part of our wedding party.
Jianxiong & Sharon

Our wedding on this September, done very well with fantastic compliment from our guest especially for our love story video, so for this moment, I …would like to thank you to d’ZIGN for you’s team to make my dream wedding party being perfect and unforgettable memory for me and Gerry. The result from d’ZIGN for you’s team is fantastic…. d’ZIGN for you IS THE BEST!!!!!

Gerry & Isabella

d’ZIGN for you make all photos looks ‘alive’ i luv your works!! just right capturing every moments! And Lydia really can make everyone of us in the photo smile! Thanks for taking part of our special day! ~ Pablo & Femmy

We would like to give d’ZIGN for you a big hug and thank you for making our dream wedding come true!! We are soooooo in love with d’ZIGN for you! And here’s us sharing our gratitude in some writing…

We engaged d’ZIGN for you services for prewedding photo, Love Story video + trailer, and Digital Invitation. Looking at it now, it think that it was the best decision we made during our wedding planning. Considering our crazy concepts and demands, we couldn’t think of any other team that could pull this off besides d’ZIGN for you. It was truly a blessing from God to work with a talented, passionate and professional photographer + videographer like Lydia from d’ZIGNfor you. She is a very fun person to be with, full of creative ideas and not mention super dedicated to her work. She was definitely willing to go that extra mile. Most importantly, she was able to deliver our ideas into reality. And to that we are so grateful..  and clearly the results were amazing!! our friends, family and guests were all blown away with our photos and unique love story video. They’ve never seen anything like that! a lot of them ask me if we’ve shot our prewedding photos in different countries while it was actually shot only in Singapore! It was such a great time working together with d’ZIGN for you… I will highly recommend d’ZIGN for you to other people. And as for us… we just simply can’t wait to have another joyous event to be captured with d’ZIGN for you.. We love you d’ZIGN for you… All the best and God bless!

Charles & Allia

Dear all at d’ZIGN for you, My hubby and I juz wanna say a big thank you for making our wedding a memorable one! We didn’t know that our love story was such a sweet one until you portray it into visuals. It was really a very creative piece of art. We asked d’ZIGN for you to help us do up a wedding montage and a video of the day’s event. Our guests enjoyed watching and many of my girlfriends were all so filled with envy when they watched the clip. Especially the single ones, one of them even had the thought of getting married asap! (she hasn’t got a boyfriend though…) So that’s what d’ZIGN for you can really do for you. The singles can’t wait to get married and those about to tie the knot…couldn’t wait for that special day to come soon. To all the brides-to-be out there, be blissful and enjoy your special day… ~ Yohandi & Jiaying

d’ZIGN for you is definitely for you if you are looking for something modern, slick and trendy in the 21st Century. As part of their client portfolio, I’ve gotten loads of support sometimes even 24 hrs service when necessary … now don’t start calling her over the night but truthfully, the creativity and the customer support given by d’ZIGN for you, is beyond satisfaction. Just be honest and pour your hearts desire to them and the plop before you know it you get results way above your expectation. Give them a try. And Lydia, thanks so much .. I luve the cards and video you did for us … Awesome .. Looking forward to the actual day.
Perry & Jamie

We decided to engage d’ZIGN for you to do our wedding videography after viewing our friends’ Perry and Jamie’s wedding videos. We are glad we made the right choice! Right from the first meet-up, Lydia was very dedicated to our needs. We wanted to have a fun, light hearted wedding montage and we left it to Lydia to plan the video storyboard. To our delight, the video that she produced exceeded our expectations. My family and friends gave very good praises for the video. My mum liked it so much that she asked to watch it everyday for the first month after the wedding! She still requests to watch it now! Thank you, Lydia, for your excellent skills and service. I highly recommend d’ZIGN for you to anyone who is looking for a reliable and professional wedding video/photographer!

Cheers, Lawrence & Diana
Hi, thank you Lydia for being so attentive and creative during our wedding photo shoot, it was shot in the midst of our schedules, and it also turn out to be very memorable! It was indeed a once in a life time experience!
Kok Siang & Phoebe
Dear d’ZIGN for you, Alvin and I, are super pleased with our Wedding MTV shoot. Thanks for bringing us on a super fun, interesting and creative way of showing our love story. Thou it was TIRING!! but you guys really took care of us and we appreciate that! We felt like celebrities that day!! We are looking forward to see our final MTV video! *excited!* Thanks once again, we created even more happy memories through this experience. It is truly unforgettable
Alvin & Sherin
What I love from d’ZIGN for you, Lydia is really unique and special customized result, professionalism and flexibility in the service. Really fun and yet effective in photo taking session as well.
Trio & Nonie
d’ZIGN for you is really amongst the best in the industry! We were so impressed with the quality of their work, professionalism and the abundance of creative ideas that made it so easy to work with them. The video highlights that they did were simply stunning! Thank you so much for making our wedding a special and memorable one!
Wenkai & Xiaowei


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