Music Video (MV) – BFF (Best Friends Forever) by FantabulouZ

True friends and their endless love is what we need in life. FantabulouZ presents you “BFF” Music Video. A fiction story (and there are some truth in it) about two best friends from their childhood time will old age. To give inspiration about the good values for TRUE FRIENDSHIP; forgiveness, selfless ambition, acceptance, believing in each other’s dream, supporting each other, etc. Together, this is NOT a lonely journey!

“BFF” MP3 is available on iTunes and CD BABY
FantabulouZ believes all women around the world, regardless of their background are beautiful, gifted with God given talents, and unique. FantabulouZ exists to facilitate women everywhere to find their passion and purpose throughout the journey, and to live their lives to the fullest potential despite life adversities. FantabulouZ ensures that women everywhere are not alone in this journey, there is a strong connection called girlfriendship to hold each other’s hand, learning from one another, and never give up to reach their dreams.

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