Indonesia PreWedding Photography – Mr & Mrs Hanson

Indonesia PreWedding Photography by Yuki
Special Thanks to : ROXX Cafe for the cafe venue at Maribaya, Bandung Indonesia

It was 7 o’clock in the morning on Maribaya Hill and it was raining. I was waiting in the car, drinking my tea while holding my camera in one hand, getting all prepared, hoping the rain would stop soon and we could begin shooting. It was supposed to be our first location for Lydia & Doug pre (post)-wedding photo shoot, on the mountain, with morning nature view of Bandung city and beautiful sunlight. But, well, the plan doesn’t always work out the way we want it.    Unfortunately, it was raining almost all day and traffic jam everywhere. So we spontaneously decided to rearrange our itinerary that day. Thanks to Lydia and Doug, they were really cooperative and flexible. The rain and the traffic that day definitely did not have enough power to ruin their mood and spirit (sorry rain, sorry traffic!). Did I mention their outfit? A lady wearing wedding gown, complete with her veil and her favorite cowboy boots and a Caucasian guy wearing his casual suit and his pair of converse wandering around on the street is quite a rare view right? There was a time that we walked on Braga street with line of benches on our left and right, and when Lydia & Doug passed by, literally all the eyes starred at them and following them as they walked by. With their boots and sneakers, they went through the puddles and confidently walked through all the starry eyes (celebration background music played). Yes, it was a fun day despite the bad weather. They really know how to be thankful and be positive all the time. It was contagious; really made me and my assistant in a good mood for taking the photos that day too.

By the way, you know who Lydia is, right? She is the brain behind d’ZIGN for you, she is the lao ban, no joke. 5 years ago, in an event I was the photographer in charge and she was the guest with bigger-better-more-expensive-camera that would lay on the ground to take photos (meh). Long story short, we became friends and I became part of d’ZIGN for you Photographer team. Lydia is an adventurous and independent lady. She is fun person and sometimes she went crazy too, crazy enough that all I can do was stand a bit far and pretend I don’t know her. To me she is like a friend, a teacher, and mentor. I was really happy when finally, she met Doug. She has become a better person day by day, which means better treatment to the staff too :p. Doug is a super friendly guy with high sense of humor and he likes to eat pizza. He was also a passionate runner with may be around hundreds medals? And one of his recent achievements is making Lydia to join him living a healthier lifestyle. One day I visited their home and the highlight were those 2 things they displayed in their room: first was Doug’s marathon medals and the second one was their exchanged loves letters pasted on the wall (oh come on!). The best part is that both of them have a good sense of humor. Meeting them means lots of laughter guaranteed. They are not only a lover, but they both also a best friend to one another. Together they keep inspiring each other and they build positive energy to people around them.

To Lydia and Doug wish you a good luck on your journey in US. I hope you guys will keep inspiring people with your passions like how you did to me. Oh, and don’t forget say hi to Obama for me!

“Ngiring bingah… wilujeng ngambah sagara rumah tangga sing rukun, runtut raut, kacai jadi saleuwi kadarat jadi salebak.. dido’akeun mugia sing dipasihan katurunan nu karasep sareng gareulis”

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