Kilo Dialogues #2: “EAT ME” A quest on gender, identity and race

“Eat Me” An intimate edible encounter. Kilo Dialogues second installation challenges our perceptions through performance art.

“Smells like Curry” by T_nu
“T_nu invites you on a quest of identity, communication and morality of the human spirit in “Smells like Curry”. Through her performance art, she attempts to employ the viewers senses in recognising societal codes that structure hierarchies of class, gender and race.”

After “Rhythm 0” by Rachel Goh (A homage to Marina Abramovich’s 1974 performance)
Rachel Goh is an artist who works in the medium of confession and catharsis. She is interested in the visceral crevices of life, death and sexuality. Her work has been exhibited at the Singapore Biennale 2008, Antwerp’s Museum of Modern Art and The Substation. She is the founder of the Proletariat Poetry Factory Collective.

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