Singapore Wedding Photography – Reyhan & Silvia

Singapore Wedding Photography
Senior Photographer by Yuki
First time I met Silvia & Reyhan was on the morning when they were preparing for their big day. At that time, it didn’t take long for me to get the comfortable feeling of working together with them. They are so friendly, fun, and kind-hearted. Reyhan & Silvia are one of those people that I’d like to be friends with. Everybody just loves them. They were surrounded by close friends and family that are very warm and fun too. Even Reyhan’s father jokes casually with us to break the ice 😁.
It was a great day where I witnessed lots of heart-warming moments showed me that love speaks in many languages. I still can remember how Reyhan & Silvia exchanged their vows.  It was so beautiful and emotional touched every heart in the room. Their parents love them so much and, in return, they showed their love and appreciation to their parents on their wedding day. I also witnessed how their families and friends show their love to them through actions and even created a very-well-prepared surprise for the couple. See? In just a day I was able to witness a lot of love being shared. A wedding is truly a celebration of love. Those are the things that remind me why I love doing my job as a photographer. It’s always a passion for me to be able to capture those beautiful moments and keep the memories alive in frame.
Make Up : Imel Vilentcia Make Up
Hairdo : Jefi Na
Wedding dress : Ferina Tan
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