Event Videography Singapore – Burden No More by Patsy Chia

Honored to be here at Patsy Chia ‪Book‬ launch “Burden No More” and inspired by meeting her and her mom personally on this event, truly amazing women who have ageless beauty.

Patsy Chia is a writer who wrote her book as a lasting memory of the trials and tribulations that she had gone through as a caregiver to her mother suffering from dementia. This book will also be a good source of support for other fellow caregivers.

Perseverance, determination and a positive mindset has helped Patsy through her struggles and challenges to provide the best care she could for her mum. Coming from a humble background, she is thankful for her countless blessings and she understands the anxiety and frustrations of a caregiver. Patsy overcame her challenges and struggles to be burden free.

To Patsy, “age” is only a number which should not prevent us from maintaining our energy, alertness, dignity and good health as we approach our golden years. She chose to age gracefully and with dignity into her twilight years.

View more about her at patsychia.com @patsy_chia_88 and be inspired by her book

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