Wedding Videography Singapore Drone – Hock & Applie

Wedding Videography Singapore

Cinematography Directed by Lydia
Category : 3 videographers

Wedding Videography Singapore with drone DJI Phantom and go pro truly looking super good at this awesome couple with their amazing groomsmen and bridesmaid. From the morning we start, was quiet worried about the weather forecast showing, however miracle happened for this kind hearted and wonderful groom and bride. It turned out become a sunny and bright all day long.

Applie looks absolutely gorgeous with her beautiful gown, but more than that.. her continuous smile make our camera truly in love capturing her beauty inside out. Surrounded by her loved ones, make her happiness beyond words.
And Hock, he is a smart and genius talent in making people laugh. Even a single word he say, soon after huge laughter will follow from whoever around him. Both of your happiness is just so contagious. All of our team are having fun and feels like being part of the party :)

Thank you Applie & Hock, for your continuous trust in our crazy ideas and directions hahaha… you both rocks!! Wishing you a blessed marriage with zillions of wonderful memories and more to come! Our best wishes for both of you. Cheers!

Song : Grow Love by Derek Gust
Licensed by Song Freedom



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