Thirteenth Anniversary

Photography by : Yuki Lauw
Have you ever heard a love story of two persons who met at school, fell in love and they are still continued loving and seeing each other until 13 years later? I know it might sounds like a movie story or fairy tale, but would you believe me if I said that I have witnessed one? A real one. Well, I wasn’t there along the journey though, but I witnessed their 13th years anniversary which was also the moment when they (finally) tied the knot, their wedding day. Yeah it was their big day after 13 years journey which I’m sure it is not easy for people to have such strong commitment. But hey, they have shown the world that It’s possible when you had love. I feel honored to be there and witnessed their solemnization which was very emotional and inspiring. It was really inspired me. Ren and Melisa I believe that your love story will always continue and your love for each other will always grow until forever.

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