Alvin & Joan

Photography by : Yuki
Hi everyone, I would like to introduce Alvin and Joan, the first wedding couple that I shot in 2014. Alvin is a very cheerful and fun guy who loves to joke with Joan and Joan is a gentle and warm lady who know really well how to respond to Alvin’s joke. They were both very friendly and know how to had fun and enjoying their big day. Sometimes when I was about to shoot, Alvin would whisper something to Joan, and she would start smiling naturally (even laughing) and.. voila! I captured the best expression in the world :). They are a very natural lover and you can tell that they are adored by their families and friends. For me It was fun to see the way they enjoying one another in every single moment and how their love can bring laugh and smile to their relationship. Once again congratulation to Alvin and Joan, may your love strengthen with each breath and refresh itself with each step. :)130119_001 130119_002 130119_003 130119_004 130119_005 130119_006 130119_007 130119_008130119_009 130119_010130119_011130119_012 130119_013 130119_014 130119_015 130119_016 130119_017 130119_018130119_019 130119_020 130119_021 130119_022130119_023130119_024 130119_025 130119_026 130119_027130119_028 130119_029 130119_030 130119_031 130119_032 130119_033130119_034 130119_035130119_036 130119_037 130119_038 130119_039 130119_040 130119_041

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