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Stay tuned for “Because of Love” MUSIC VIDEO would be released tomorrow on 13 March 2014!
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BECAUSE OF LOVE (2010) was created as a tribute of Love to her mom battling last stage Colon cancer. It was first diagnosed in 2008 as stage 3 then spread to lungs in 2009 and in 2011 also to her spine and lymph node.

The album was Caroline’s noble efforts to raise funds for her mom’s medical cost that escalated to more than SGD 100K – no adequate insurance – which was truly a huge amount for her family members who are average income earners – leaving her in big debt.

It’s a miracle project, where so many people contributed their talents in music/singing/music arrangement/design/photography – too many to be named, and God sent good samaritans to fund the project and donate and supported the CDs.

Caroline’s mom survived 27x chemo sessions, 4 chemo drugs and short trial of natural herbs. She finally passed away in March 2012.

Through it all, Caroline never once gave up, kept giving her best and most importantly her LOVE. This has inspired a lot of people to walk and fight with her side by side – also to love their own moms and family even more

God’s grace kept pouring in. In October 2013, she was able to settle all her debts. She is now debt-free !

Caroline’s mom is already in a better place, but her legacy of faith lives on..

Through her talents in music, Caroline Tjen would like to keep writing songs to lift up and encourage others, continue to pass the precious legacy she has received..

There’s a quote in her album that is also her motto of life :
“Every Step is A New Miracle .. Keep Walking”

Because of Love Trailer from d’ZIGN for you on Vimeo.

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