Best Friends For Life

Photography by Roy
Colorful great couple ! That what I can describe Joe and Shi Li. Creative couple with a creative and cheerful pre-wedding shoot concept.

An anti-mainstream idea to have a unique place to have pre-wedding shoot. Take groceries for a pre-wedding shoot made the colorful concept become more interesting. A place where they usually spend together because of their same hobby, shopping. Make some memorable moment at the place they spend much time. Cheerful and happiness shown at their face during the unique photo session.

Horse ranch become one of their happy colorful photo shoot. As a cowboy couple they enjoy the horse ranch to be the witness of the happiness. A great sunny day flourish the photo session. Green plant and wooden house colored the day.

Finally it’s end at the classroom where the love meet and grow between Joe and Shi Li.

Sometimes, when we fall in love, we expect the glamorous, hot, new, and different. Love is about feeling your best when you’re in the company of someone who cares for you despite of how you may look or how crappy you might feel that day. Love is about knowing that you can come home on any given day and someone will always be looking forward to having you by her side again, just to celebrate you for no particular reason at all.

That is love. That’s the love lesson I got from watching Joe and Shi Li for the day during their session. For them, laughing with and at each other is what makes their everyday so colorful. They are not only lovers, they are the best of friends. And now, they are best friends for life. Congratulations Joe and Shi Li!
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