Fun Kitchen Party

Every guest was thrilled by the super happening celebration of Jojo & Gigi’s Birthday Party. Delicious Indonesian style Tumpeng (yellow rice), decorated with candle. Never bored with the juicer’s booth, pancake, ice cream and waffle making booth, tattoo drawing booth and Jojo’s kitchen photo booth. Cute apron was given to every kid as their dress code of the day. Transformed the whole area became the most fun kitchen party ever. Eat, Play and Friendship. So many stories to tell from the photographs taken. We were so lucky surrounded by the simple happiness of these kids partying together. Kudos to the loving father, Edy… & the creative soul mother, Yuli… and of course to all hard work of the fun volunteers. Thumbs up for you guys!!! Last but not least… happy birthday dear blessed little princess … Jojo & Gigi :)
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