I see the Shooting Star… I see the Sign

Ladies & Gentlemen.. let us introduce to you guys… another Star of the Year have born.. Alex & Joline :)
Can you believe that we ourselves have even watched this countless times. Their love story is truly one of a kind and we never bored watching it again and again. Thank you Alex & Joline for giving us the opportunity to produced this awesome story of you both. Think about it, with your talent, you could become rocking actor and actress! :)
Anyway… Knowing both of you truly been our pleasure, and the huge pizza we can’t forget of course ha ha. Hope this video will always be the sweetest remembrance of the amazing courage of love that you both have for each other. I’m sure your kids would be super proud of their Daddy & Mommy when they watched this. Heroes of Love. Cheers guys and be happy always :)

Video Cinematography & Directed by : Lydia
Song : “I DO”
Performed by : Colbie Caillat
Music provided by songfreedom.com

I see the Shooting Star… I see the Sign from d’ZIGN for you on Vimeo.

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