Gianna Naomi

Words written by Yuli Maria
If I can describe into one word about our second daughter, GIANNA NAOMI, it will be Princess. Because she really acts like oneJ She’s so calm, lady like, easy to handle, not giving me panda eyes because she already slept through the night by the age of 2 months (God, please don’t make her change the schedule, I’m already very happy about it ^ ^) and very friendly also cheerful. I’m so thankful for her.
As I said in one of Jojo’s album, I like boyish name, I already got the name, Naomi for quite sometimes, but I plan to put it for middle name. So I was searching for boyish girl’s name. I like Alexa, but Edy didn’t like it, so I searched again. Finally I got Gianna. Not so boyish but it’s not so common.  It’s Italian name for Joanne, meaning God is Gracious. When I got the name, I fell in love instantly, as for me, Edy and I love Italy and I really feel God is so gracious to us in giving the second child after what we’ve been through before Jordan was born. Naomi is Hebrew/Japanese name, meaning Beautiful, Pleasant, Delightful. And you know what, we love Japan, too ^ ^

‘What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare said, it’s everything for me! You will call your child forever with that name. I put my thought, my heart, in searching the name for my kids. So Gianna Naomi Panggabean means God is so gracious until He gave Panggabean family another beautiful one. ^ ^
12th April 2012. This is it. Finally I will meet up my princess #2. All of you already knew how I really want this process coming as soon as possible:) It’s such a different feeling about delivering my second baby. I don’t know, it was calm and relax, maybe because I already experienced it before. I walked heavily because of my super big belly and sat down at the waiting room at Mt. Elizabeth hospital, waiting for my booked surgery room. It’s not as excited or nervous like I experience with Jojo, it’s just normal feeling.I had the same anesthetist and gynaecologist that did the surgery for Jordan. It’s about 7-8 people in the surgery room. Now I become a bit nervous, especially when I saw the epidural syringe. The anesthetist tried to calm me down and I’m fine. To be honest, it’s longer than Jojo’s delivery. Jojo’s delivery was about 15′ only, but Gianna’s  was about 25′ and my belly has to be pushed because it’s more difficult. I had difficulty of breathing because my belly is too big and I had to lay down forward.When I saw the baby and heard the crying, I knew I’m fine. Edy kissed me and said thank you. We actually giggled each other seeing how similiar the baby with Jojo when the nurse lifted her up for me to see the baby. After the nurses cleaned the baby, they put her on my chest. I instantly check whether she has double eyelids like her sister, hahaha.. Thank God she has it. She also embraced the same thick black hair. Lovely.
I gained 26kgs this time, 4 kgs heavier than Jojo’s. I saw the same hippo on the mirror like last time I gave birth to Jojo, but this time I didn’t complain much since I’m confident I will get back to my original size:) I enjoyed motherhood even more and took everything slowly.

My mom can’t come this time because she has to take care of my sick father, so Edy decided to engage confinement nanny, which is the right decision and very helpful during my first month. I recovered quickly and happy. Last time with Jojo, I experienced baby blues for about 2 weeks. I felt so overwhelmed and not sure of everything. I had the fear whether I can be a good mom, raise her right, had time for myself and my hubby, etc, etc. But not this time. Thank God.AFTER 3 MONTHS AND COUNTING
I know I give Jordan her first best friend when I found out it will be another baby girl. I remember how I and all my sisters played together, well, fought sometimes, too, but quickly become friends again. We remained so close each other until now.

Jojo loves her sister so much, am so grateful for that, too. She’s not jelaous, but affectionate to her sister. A bit too much sometimes, because she didn’t realize her sister is still so young, so she can’t be hold/hugged too tight or shake hands ^ ^

There are times that I was so tired taking care both of them, wondering will it will be worth it someday being a full time mom, screaming ‘NO’ many times, discipline your kids, doing the same routine every day. Some days felt so fruitful and some days not. It’s funny, there’s a saying, you’ll never understand your mom, until you become one. It’s indeed very true. Now I can recall back of what’s my mom’s feeling and experienced. How tough her life is, because I still have a husband that’s very involved in taking care of my kids and she didn’t. My dad is a traditional Chinese that thought raising kids is a woman’s job. How strong she was in handling a very strong will kid like me. How good she was in hiding her emotion and complaint. Oh, Mom, I can understand all of them now. And seeing my life now, she has raised me right despite all the flaws and mistakes.Everytime I cried to God about things that I know my husband can’t understand, only Him can, He always reassure me that everything will be worth it. I will looked back my life and won’t regret in doing what I’m doing now. And yes, I don’t want to regret later. You’ll always see the fruits if you put your heart, mind and soul in things you do. My husband also has an important role in supporting me in everything that I do. How he really put me first above the kids really gives me confidence and strength to be a full time mom.I want to raise Jordan and Gianna become great women of God, while I still has a chance to correct their character when they’re toddlers, I have to take a part, because they will support great men of God someday. I’m preparing their future.What value I give to Gianna and how to teach her to live life to the fullest, and ENJOY it, will be my homework every day. Most important thing, to teach her about my amazing God, that giving me countless blessings and meaningful life.

Because what I am today, it’s all because of Him.

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