Wedding Surprise

On the last day of one week tour in Israel, finaly we celebrate the big day of Aldo & Nova wedding. It was happening on the Israel’s 64 years of Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut). Everything that happen on that day was surprising. Not even Aldo & Nova could ever thought that they could use the main hall of the well known Church of Cana, the historical place of Jesus’s first miracle, when He turned water into wine. And the whole family was surprised by the red carpet and decoration inside the Church. As Aldo & Nova entered the hall, marching in on the red carpet, and the whole touching moments of Holy matrimony, witnessed not only by the loved ones… but also by the crowd of tourist from all over the world. They are the first Christian that has used this church for a wedding. And soon after the Matrimony, another surprise welcoming the whole family on the boat specially chartered for their celebration, brought them to experience sailing around the Sea of Galilee.. They were celebrate the miracles and the goodness of God with dancing and singing on the boat. Another crowd of tourist on the other boat and on the land gave them a very big hand clap celebrating together. It is truly a wedding overwhelmed by miracles & happiness :)

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