Priceless Moments

We have witnessed the love of Jeffrey and Diana since their wedding proposal. Time flies and here with the miracle of their 2.5 years old Rui En, we captured the happy moment of this cute family. At first Rui En was not familiar with us.. but not long after that.. her never ending cute smile and action has captivated our camera attention. And she loveeeeeees running… who knows she could be an amazing athlete or even photographers like us someday ha ha :) … We could see the deep joy of Jeffrey & Diana whenever they watch how Rui En expressing herself. Thank you for having us to captured your family’s priceless moments. We are big fans of Rui En, the Model of Kids Fashion at El Closet de Rui En… Check out her facebook : ElClosetdeRuiEn :)

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  • July 13, 2012


    Oh, what a cool project! I want to do it, but may wait until next year :) I love these phoots. Really love the food phoots and the one of the black Holga. Very cool :D How have you been, dear?Amber recently posted..

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