Elegant & Romantic Styling by The Love Caravan

Styling & Decoration: The Love Caravan (www.thelovecaravan.com)
Venue: Capella Hotel
Photography by: Xavier

Im truly impressed by how was the typical hotel hall completely turned into something really cozy with sense of elegances and luxuries. Just when I was thinking everything’s greatly arranged, another surprised went in with the absence of the sunlight and the clock striked 7.20 pm.
There are candles lit almost everywhere! Those pretty little things just spiced up my mood to do more click click and clicksssss ! Thanks to those, I was able to gain some pics that I’ve been wanting to take before.
Man, for those romantic ambience created, I really did wish my GF was there..oh wait, I still don’t have one *okay*.
Bottomline, I am really happy and honoured to be able to work with The Love Caravan!
Great works of styling peeps! Hope to work again with ya guys soon!

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  • April 26, 2012


    Love the new layout. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you for this fine blog.

  • July 13, 2012


    I love 365 challenges! Especially photo ones. I’m a new reedar and I’m looking forward to seeing all your photos :) I’m doing a 365 film challenge. So, a movie a day or so. I want to blog about it, but I haven’t developed the right format yet.

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