The City of Love, Paris

Photography by : Xavier
We spent +/- 20 hours of flight from jakarta to paris. During the super-pain-in-the-ass long haul flight, Natalia & Henry told me about their journey, back months ago when they first met in jakarta, where do they originally come from, hobbies, foods, and a lot lot more of other things! I must say that personally, I was pretty relieved seeing the fact that they’re nice, funny, and daring couples! its always been an extra good thing that I’ve always been praying for before I am meeting the clients face to face; to meet these kind of attractive people. While both couple look to be a little bit shy during my first-time-impression, the facts turned to be contrasting what I was thinking about. Natalia is an attractive young lady, friendly and warm, with her extremely talkative attitude, while in the other side, Henry is more shy, talk less, smile more-person with a great sense of humor. Just by seeing this one adorable couple talks to each other, it never fails to bring a smile on my face. Thank you sooo much for putting so much trust in me and for your patience to pose even in the middle of the -10 paris’ windchill! Hope to see you guys again in the other chance : )

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